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Welcome from the Scoutmaster



We are Mrs. Kim Howe, Committee Chair and Mr. Rich Grabenstein, Acting Scoutmaster of the Dragonslayers of Troop 303, it is our privilege and great honor to serve as the prime Scouters of our fine Troop and have a hand in seeing that our young boys will be transformed over the next several years into honorable men!

Challenge, adventure, leadership, growth - these are the expectations boys bring to Scouting and all of the Troop 303 leaders are committed to pulling together all the pieces of the Boy Scout program and seeing that the boys’ expectations are fulfilled. An integral part of the program, indeed THE most important part of it is that a Boy Scout Troop is a “boy-led” unit and therefore, it is our combined responsibility to train the boys to become leaders, work to make resources available, provide guidance to allow them to lead effectively, and then to step back and let them perform their jobs.

Over our relatively short history since Troop 303 was first chartered in 1999, many of the boys from Troop 303 have successfully reached the pinnacle of Boy Scouting by becoming an Eagle Scout. Along that trail to Eagle, we experience this great adventure of Scouting by spending a lot of our time in the great outdoors and in the process, build character, develop strong citizenship, and develop sound mental and physical fitness.

All of the leaders in Troop 303 look forward to enjoying many great Scouting adventures on the trail ahead of these boys, with the best Troop in the land -- the Dragonslayers of Troop 303!

Yours in Scouting,

Mrs. Kimberly Howe, Committee Chair
301-481-2181 (mobile)

Mr. Rich Grabenstein, Acting Scoutmaster