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Frequently Asked Questions

Cub Scout Pack 21

Newburyport, MA

(last updated 8/2018)

Do I have to be a resident of Newburyport to be a member of Pack 21?

No, you do not have to be a resident of Newburyport.  Most of our membership does reside in Newburyport, but this is not a requirement.


What are the age requirements?

Pack 21's Cub Scouting program is open to all boys and girls in grades K-5. The rank years for the Scouts follow the grade level they are in.

  • Lion - Kindergarten (intro to Cub Scouting; 1:1 adult partner required)
  • Tiger - 1st Grade (1:1 adult partner required)
  • Wolf - 2nd Grade
  • Bear - 3rd Grade
  • Webelos - 4th Grade
  • Arrow of Light - 5th Grade


My son/daughter did not join in the 1st grade, is it too late to join now?

Absolutely not, youth are welcome to join at any point along the Cub Scout trail. They would be eligible to earn all ranks from that point forward, but could not earn the previous ranks.


When are the meetings held?

Pack meetings are held once a month, usually on a Friday evening with a schedule published at the beginning of the school year.  Den meetings are held at least once a month with the time and location determined by the den leaders. Families are also encouraged to work on their own and complete requirements and electives at home. Communication with the Den leaders is key, and we have many strategies and tools to accommodate the very busy schedules that all families have these days.  Cooperation and collaboration are key.


What is the annual membership fee for Pack 21?

Our annual membership fee for 2018-2019 is $125.00. There is also a fundraising requirement that allows the Scouts and their families the option to work for/earn a portion of the operating costs of the Pack. The fundraising requirements for the 2018-2019 Scouting year will be either an additional $75 or sell a minimum of $250 worth of Popcorn through the Council Sponsored Popcorn fundraiser we participate in. The Pack also rewards high achievers through Den and Pack level awards.

The Leadership of the Pack never wants membership fees to be a financial burden or impediment to a child participating in the program.  Please approach either the Cubmaster, the Committee Chair, or the New Member Coordinator if you need to make arrangements.  A Scout is Trustworthy, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, and Kind.    


What does my membership fee cover?

The $125.00 fee covers the National BSA membership/registration fee and insurance ($33) as well as an annual subscription to Boy’s Life magazine ($12).  It includes an annual pass to the Spirit of Adventure - New England Base Camps (Adventure Card website - HIGHLY ENCOURAGED READ!) ($30).  

The membership fees also help to cover the costs associated with all of the badges and awards that are awarded each year as well as a Pack 21 T-shirt for each Scout.  The annual cost of awards per Scout is between $20-$40, depending on rank and ambition and T-shirts cost between $5-$10.  

The Pack also puts on various activities that have material costs, such as our Pinewood Derby Car race (a Cub Scout Tradition!), and our end-of-year model rocket launch. The Pack provides kits to all the Scouts. The combined cost of those kits is approximately $15. And we do end up with facilities costs for running these events and our Annual Blue & Gold Banquet, which is our Pack's celebration of Cub Scouting's Birthday.  

Finally, Pack 21 does not ask our volunteer adult leaders to pay for registering with the BSA (an additional $33/Adult Leader), choosing instead to cover this out of the Scout membership fees and fundraising revenues. 

As you can see, the money collected from annual registration fees and fundraising really gets put to use. Keep in mind that a Scout is Thrifty, so the leadership really works hard to keep within our budget goals. As a Scout, the only additional cost not covered by your dues is for your uniform and rank specific handbook.


Is my Scout required to have a uniform?

Yes, each Scout is required to have a Cub Scout uniform.  While we encourage our Scouts to maintain a complete uniform, we recognize there are additional associated costs.  Thus, we maintain a “belt up” policy.  This means that each Scout should have a uniform shirt with appropriate insignia , neckerchief with slide and a Scout belt; the Scout cap is encouraged, but optional as some Scouts don't like to wear hats.  The belt is important to hold all of the belt loop awards the Scout will earn! We also strongly encourage the proper wearing of uniform, which is: Shirt tucked in, and belt fastened using belt loops of pants/shorts. Also, don't forget to get a rank specific handbook (this changes each year).


What other costs are associated with joining Pack 21?

We offer optional outings during the year ranging from Pack run overnights to weekend events run by the local Northern Light District of the Spirit of Adventure Council.  Pricing for these events will vary from $10-15 for some Council events, up to $50 for a Pack overnight.


Who are the leaders of Pack 21?

The leaders of Pack 21 are all volunteers from right here in the greater Newburyport area; most are parents of a Scout in the pack.  Each one has elected to get involved in an effort to provide the best possible Scouting experience for everyone in Pack 21.  All leaders are required to complete BSA mandated Youth Protection Training, Leader Specific Training and a CORI background check.


Why should my son or daughter be involved in Scouting?

One of the first images of Scouting is campfires, knot tying, fishing, and other outdoor activities.  While this is a great (and fun) part of Scouting, it is far from being the most important aspect.  The Boy Scouts of America has over 100 years of history in helping to develop youth into confident, productive members of society with the leadership skills to succeed in any walk of life.  If your son or daughter lived life according to the Scout Law, he/sh would be Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent.  Isn’t that what we are all seeking for our children?